Decentralized Job Marketplace
     for Developers

A Brave New Economy

Innovative Marketplace to Outsource Tasks

Powered by Ethereum and GitHub, OpenQ provides new and improved ways to benefit from outsourcing, reduces delays and counterparty risks in contracting by integrating payments directly into your existing workflows and deployment pipelines.

Creating the Ecosystem of Contribution

Borderless Economy

By securing the connection between software developers and their clients, OpenQ is creating a fully decentralized marketplace.

Choose only work for projects that interests you. Contribute to a better tomorrow.

Innovative Marketplace to Outsource Tasks

Fund Issues, Get Devs. Resolve Issues, Get Paid.

Create bounties by depositing on open issues. Withdrawals are only possible once an issue is closed. If a pull request was involved only its author is eligible to withdraw. 30 days after an issue has been closed, deposits can be refunded to their senders.

Bounties can also be released manually by maintainers commenting on an issue.

Effective Outsourcing Solution

Atomic Contracting

Atomic Contracts are a combination of escrow smart contracts and CI/CD workflows, to facilitate larger scale payment models, like in traditional contracting.

Atomic contracting helps you to maintain a high overall software project quality and to keep your processes clear.