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For firms crafting the tech landscape with developer tools, APIs, or SDKs, true insight into developer activity is crucial yet elusive. The data is vast, scattered, and sometimes hidden in unknown repos — a complex puzzle of engagement across the digital expanse.

With OpenQ, you provide the tools; we reveal the hands that wield them — every unseen developer move, mapped and distilled into a precise developer fingerprint.
Enrich your developer accounts with precision and insight
Dive into actionable insights beyond surface-level metrics. OpenQ clarifies the impact of every developer account on your business objectives , empowering you to track, measure and prove ROI --transforming how you value investments from open source contributions to event engagements.
Developer profile
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Gh history
Has installed dependencies during Q1 Hackathon, is part of participant list.
Garret Grim
wrote an email 90 days ago.
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Positive response received; utilized OpenQ template, with follow-up activity underway
80% activity in the first 3 months utilizing dependency
Created an account for our commercial product, started on a paid tier
Wrote a review on X (Twitter)
Tested competitor tool; discussed dependency issues in this GitHub issue
10% activity on dependency-related project
Garret Grim
wrote email 14 days ago
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Feedback received; expecting churn--additional action required
Forward feedback to product team
Beyond Data Enrichment: OpenQ's AI-Driven Lead Discovery
Utilize OpenQ to enhance your CRM with robust lead discovery. Our AI uncovers not just engaged community members and rekindling opportunities, but also previously untapped developers profiles that align with your offerings—expanding your reach to the ideal audience.
Lead discovery
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Found 1337 new developer profiles
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Martin Mello
How it works
Streamline your outreach as easily as a CRM, tailored for developers-first companies and API-driven enterprises.
Martin Mellow
Connect data sources
Import data effortlessly from CSVs and connect seamlessly to platforms like GitHub, Discord, and more.
Data enrichment
Enhance your developer profiles using OpenQ's AI, which aggregates and analyzes data.
Martin Mellow
Lead discovery
Identify new leads or previously unnoticed developers who are already engaging with your tools.
Modeled for developer dynamics
More than a CRM—OpenQ is an intelligence hub
Enhancing metrics that let you compare project activity, manage your time effectively, and pinpoint which projects need immediate attention.
Capitalizing on the breadth of open-source intelligence, OpenQ taps into vast data reservoirs like GH Archive, synthesizing events from millions of repositories. By integrating this with multi-platform sources, we align your strategies with the pulse of the developer world and ensure your goals resonate with real-time market dynamics.
Sync insights with your CRM
Import static data
asked questions
How can the DRM help improve developer retention?
How can we improve developer profiles and monitor dependency usage?
How can we identify potential leads interested in our tech?
How can you determine if users have stopped using my dependencies or become inactive?
Do you have an API I can integrate with my existing CRM?
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